Kaguya-sama Love is war PUP - Love is war, Good Smile Company

Kaguya-sama Love is war PUP
Kaguya-sama Love is war PUP
Kaguya-sama Love is war PUP
Kaguya-sama Love is war PUP
Product description:

POP UP PARADE is a series of figures that are easy to collect with affordable prices and speedy releases! Each figure typically stands around 17-18cm in height and the series features a vast selection of characters from popular anime and game series, with many more to be added soon!
From the anime series "Kaguya-sama: Love is War?" comes a POP UP PARADE figure of the student council vice president of Shuchiin Academy, Kaguya Shinomiya! Kaguya has been captured in figure form with a gentle smile on her face.

Kaguya-sama Love is war PUP []

Character information:

Birthday: January 1
Blood Type: AB
Height: 158 cm

Vice president of the student council of Shuchiin Academy, member of the Shinomiya Zaibatsu, and the daughter of the Shinomiya group, Kaguya Shinomiya is a multi-talented genius who can do anything if she sets her mind to it. Due to the way she was raised in the Shinomiya Family, she instinctively looks down on other people and thinks of ways to use them for her own benefit. Kaguya rarely interacted with other people before she joined the student council, but that has begun to change. She is an incredibly sheltered girl, resulting in her lacking in several pieces of what might be considered common sense. She still does not understand love very well, and her main objective is to make Miyuki Shirogane fall in love with and confess to her.

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